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Keep Your Cup Full and Your Spirts High

More Than Just Coffee

At Surje Coffee, we fill cups in more ways than one. With love and light. With connection and community. With energy and experience.

Our goal is to create a place where you can not only savor a great cup of coffee, but also
become part of an uplifting community.

So pull up a chair. We’d love to have you.

Meet the Founders

Feature Issue 005 Visible Mag

Always fresh. Always in-house.

Our coffees are all roasted to order, whether for your special event or your online
purchase. We exclusively serve specialty, single-origin coffee, so that you get the full
experience of the region.

The syrups used in our mocktails and other beverages are also made in-house using
top-grade ingredients.

French-Press Tutorial

French-Press Tutorial