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Customer Testimonials

I didn’t know I was drinking bad coffee until I had really good coffee. Thanks Surje for being my first good cup of coffee.


One of the best Brazilian coffees I’ve had. Loving this medium roast’s complexities.


This coffee is really good. I even made it a bit on the stronger side, it feels smooth going into my stomach, has like no acidity. 10/10


My girlfriend and I had the Guatemala and this s**t is so good! We can't wait to stock our pantries with this coffee.


They were all delicious! Brazil was my favorite!


Coffee is amazing! I've been making espresso with it and just regular coffee and it's become a part of my morning routine. I'll definitely be purchasing another bag!


Loving the Brazil it’s delicious! You guys killed it.


Guatemala was great! 👍

Surje Coffee Co. (said Surge Coffee Co) alternate logo of skeleton hipster dude and dudette. sitting on chairs  facing each other and cheering with a cup of Surje Coffee (said Surge Coffee) hot coffee.

Hey there fellow coffee-lover!

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