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Welcome to the Surje Coffee Club!

Thank you for supporting us in our early stages.

Our passion and love for coffee brought on the idea to start a coffee business. As we pieced together the name, the color scheme, the logo, and (most importantly) the mission statement, we kept coming back to our own personal identities. We wanted something that reflected our Armenian and Mexican culture. Our name, Surje, is a play on the Armenian word which means coffee. The specific spelling we chose was a play on the English word "surge." Our color scheme is based on the Armenian and Mexican flags. Our logo was designed by Dannielle Urrutia at Say It Like You Make It. We chose pieces that reflect us; Chris, Val, and our mascot Chewbacca. Lastly, we wanted a mission statement that would guide us as we grow. Surje Coffee Co. is our opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that is known for serving the community.

It's our greatest pleasure to be sharing this moment with you and providing the best damn coffee we can. Our hope is that you walk away feeling caffeinated and nourished. We're counting down the days until we're in a physical coffee shop so that we can see you face-to-face and pour one out for our homies!

We seriously can't thank you enough for supporting us on this journey. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or even just to talk about your day. We love hearing from you!

Sending you love and light always,

The Surje Family

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