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Winners Announced: Surje Coffee 1 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to the Surje Coffee Club giveaway winners!
Grand Prize of $100 Surje Coffee gift-card goes to: Olga

3 Small Prizes of A) a 4oz bag of Brazil and a 4oz bag of Brazil Peaberry OR B) a 4oz bag of Costa Rica Decaf and a 4oz bag of Ethiopia Decaf go to: Easton, Sandy, and Diana.

Now that we're entering our next chapter, you can expect to see more of us! With the coffee cart fully-equipped, we plan to do pop-ups, vendor fairs, farmer's markets, and private events/catering.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us on this journey. We wouldn't have made it to 1 year without you. We are so grateful to have your support.

Sending you love and light always,

The Surje Family

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